Innovative technology to simply connect your home

Innovative technology to connect your home

• io-homecontrol® is a highly secure wireless technology included in a wide range of home equipment marketed by brands specializing in the residential sector.

• io-homecontrol® provides comfort, security and energy savings every day by making the automated or motor-operated equipment of your home more efficient: roof windows, roller shutters, interior and exterior solar screens, gates, garage doors, entrance doors, alarms, lighting, heating and cooling systems, etc.

• io-homecontrol® makes this equipment fully compatible, reliable and secure.

Technology marketed
by major brands

Every io-homecontrol® component in a home talks the same language. A single remote control is enough to open, close, lock, turn on, turn off, heat, ventilate, and more.

Easy Connect technology
for the home

Each user command is always checked and confirmed by an audible or visual signal.

High-security radio

No need to install a central control cabinet or plan on a wiring scheme; all you need is electricity for components.