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House in Saverne (France)


phoca_thumb_m_EKD_8562 See diaporama

Location: Saverne (France)

Equipment: Hörmann motorised double garage door, 15 roller shutters motorized by Somfy

io-homecontrol® Plus: easy to use in every day tasks

Architectural choice: modern

Design: Architect Serge Adam

Building partner: Tryba Alsace

House in Rennes (France)


phoca_thumb_m_EKD_4817-2 See diaporama


Location: Saint Jacques de la Lande

close to Rennes (France)

Equipment: 5 roller shutters motorized by Somfy,

4 roof windows VELUX, plug KRD VELUX,

Hörmann motorized garage door,
Honeywell heating system to come.

io-homecontrol® Plus: active week/week-end scenario

Energy performance: 57 kwh/year/square meter

(close to low power house 55 kwh)

Architactural choice: made of recyclable metal and maximum natural light penetration

Design: Anthracite Architecture office

building partner: Fer Met Alu


House in La Roche-sur-Foron (France)


5R5B9867 See diaporama

Location: La Roche-sur-Foron (France)


io-homecontrol® Plus: 

Architectural choice: modern


Building partner:

House in Habere Poche (France)


plan-general-maison-nord See diaporama


Location: Habere Poche (France)


io-homecontrol® Plus:

Energy performance:

Architactural choice:


building partner: