io-homecontrol®, easy and affordable technology for intelligent comfort


Total instantaneous compatibility

  • Certified products are fully compatible due to their shared language.
  • As soon as a new device item is installed, it is recognized by the other products already installed in your home.
  • The combination of several io-homecontrol®-certified products in your home allows the coordinated programming of scenarios tailored to your needs and daily habits.

Fingertip control of your home with a single remote control unit.


Custom scalable technology

  • Designed to easily modify, combine, complete or improve your installation, you can equip your home with io-homecontrol-compatible products bit by bit depending on your requirements.
  • io-homecontrol® technology is modular as it is open to future products.

Your home will adapt to changes in your needs.


Winning home automation at the right price!

  • Wireless technology eliminates the installation of a control center, the drilling of walls or laying of cable!
  • Installing an io-homecontrol®-certified product only costs the price of installation!
  • With io-homecontrol®, you choose your priorities while keeping your budget under control.
  • Maintenance is kept to a minimum thanks to the tested quality of partner brand io-homecontrol®-certified products.

Your home benefits from high-performance technology at affordable prices.