io-homecontrol®, reliable, secure technology for a more secure home

A communicating installation.

  • io-homecontrol® allows the automatic and immediate confirmation of functions activated by remote control when you press the button. Since all the equipment items share a common language each order given is systematically verified and instantly confirmed to you on the remote control screen by a visual or audio signal (feedback). You can check the status of your equipment at any time. Your installation can detect any obstacle and alert you at any moment.

Your home is communicative, easier to manage and more comfortable to live in.


Technology under surveillance.

  • io-homecontrol® guarantees optimum security for your installation. This security is assured by “frequency status” radio communication.
  • io-homecontrol® scans three radio frequencies from 868 MHz to 870 MHz and selects the one that is available to transmit a command or information securely. This ensures proper operation that doesn’t interfere with the other electronic equipment in the home (computer, internet box, television set etc.).
  • A 128-bit symmetrical encryption key authenticates the origin of the command. Each installation has its own encryption key thereby offering a security level equivalent to the communication between an ATM and your bank.

The house is safe, worry-free and secure.



Compliant, proven technology.

  • io-homecontrol®, two-way wireless radio technology complies with European standard EN 300-220 that governs low power radio communications in the 868 MHz to 870 MHz frequency range.
  • This frequency range allows the optimal transmission of the radio signal in a 20-meter radius in a concrete structure (house or apartment) over three floors and up to a 300-meter radius outdoors (useful when opening a garage door and switching on lights).
  • io-homecontrol® also guarantees compliance with requirements and regulations specific to the construction and housing sectors.

Your io-homecontrol® installation provides your home with significant added value.