What is io-homecontrol®?

io-homecontrol® is a two-way wireless technology already embedded in the equipement within the house: roof window, vertical window, roller shutter, gate, garage door, front door, alarm system, lighting, ventilation, heating system...


What is the origin of the io-homecontrol® name?

Interoperable: products from different manufacturers work together in a consistent way.

+ Home control: one io-homecontrol® point is all you need to run every automatic component in your home.


What is the advantage of the io-homecontrol® solution over proprietary solutions?

io-homecontrol® guarantees genuine interaction between a number of products from different brands, which can never be the case for a single-brand solution.
What is more, the quality of the io-homecontrol® members means that the products and the label are to be found in all distribution systems and are used by a wide range of installers.


How is the io-homecontrol® technology licensed?
Are there patents or licences involved?

The trademark itself is registered in some 40 countries. The protocol is protected by about ten international patents.


Where can I find products with io-homecontrol® embedded?

You can find them via the regular association members' sales networks.

How much does io-homecontrol® cost?

Easy to improve, io-homecontrol® is simple to install, without added cost or major works. Add components one at a time, according to your needs: modify, combine, finish and improve your home as you go.


What does feedback means?

Each user command is always checked and confirmed by an audible or visual signal. At any point, you can check the status of your home or of a component (open/closed, on/off).

Are the radio waves dangerous for health?

No, the waves emitted by a remote controller are 100 times less powerful than those emitted by a mobile phone. Moreover, a remote controller is not used close to the ear and the brain, contrary to a mobile phone. And the button is pressed only split seconds a day!


Can io-homecontrol® be hacked?

The io-homecontrol® solution is as secure as the communications between a cash dispenser and a bank, but is simpler to set up.
A two-way authentication process ensures highest-level security. Your hand-held or wall-mounted controller and building products exchange verified information, using a 128-bit key encrypted message.


How does io-homecontrol® address reliability?

To make sure your home installations always work, the radio devices in io-homecontrol® labelled building products feature highly-advanced embedded technology that allows for frequency agility. This way, they stay connected regardless of any radio interference.


How can io-homecontrol help me to make energy savings?

For example, when the roof windows open to air out a room, the system can automatically switch off the heating in that room. When the sun is hot, it rolls down the shutters, rather than switch on the air-conditioning. This way, the home is energy efficient.
Home installations work together according to a harmonious plan of your choice.


Is there any maintenance requirement on io-homecontrol® labelled products?

No. No additional maintenance is necessary due to the use of the io-homecontrol® technology.


Are the installers trained in these new products?

Yes, brands part of the io-homecontrol® association train their installers to the implementation and the optimization of their products through this technology.